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Hi Lo, a gambling game that is thought to play for real risk?

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Hi Lo, a gambling game that is thought to play for real risk?

It is believed that every gambling game that is played by a casino or casino that is not allowed in various places Every gambling game It is a gambling game for fun. Play for pleasure Because we didn’t think of anything while playing When playing winning bets, it may be thought that we are good at this moment. But if already played Already placed bets And I think that now we are losing gambling, we may think that this moment is not good for us What kind of thing? Which I believe there are many People who think like this is thinking that the game of gambling is a matter of luck, risk, but actually asking And actually mapped the meat of the gambling game really Is it like that? This time in this article of ours, the websites that we, all of these gamblers, are called online casinos that come together. Which I will present the story in another aspect to present Is the opposite of the concept of many people People who think about this kind of teaching But what is it? Let’s see.
In the opposite aspect, for this time I will point out that The story of some gambling games that like to play in that gambling circle It does not depend on luck. There is a risk. But some gambling games, it has people who will intend to play, then it has to force the result to be born like hilo, etc. This time, we will take you all to see that in the Hi Lo industry that he General play
May be played in any area Gathered about 4-5 people and then set up a band to play together. What kind of thing? Called as a gambling game that is easy to play. But if it is a country According to the general countryside The story of shaking the hilo must be coupled with the black and white work, which is the funeral. But this time, like saying that Hilo, do you think it is a gambling game that requires real measure? Which the device is There is a dice shaking plate with dice, a cup, and then there is a dice table board to be able to stab each other.
This one has only this. Actually, friends think that this single device and modernity can do anything with this gambling game called Hilo. This time, I will take to know the word hilo. That does not require the use of a dice to play dice, must use a special shaking device that must be made only and then will force the dice out. It’s not just measuring the sun. But it is a matter of putting tricks in the way to play together. This time, I will say that the first thing that must be known to friends is the word “Crescent Moon”. Then Wongwongwan, friends Do you know that our own Thai people are producers? And why is the crescent plate so loud So loud that There is a gambler or dealer hilo from all over the world that comes to order to pay for shaking the dice that is called this dish. What is the meaning of this dish? How is it There is definitely an answer here. But before going to know each other more That dish Come to know that people are often familiar with If the wealthy dealer takes rich with the dealer, Hi Lo He must use a magnetic shake cup. Magnetic dice What kind of thing is that? Plate Vongduen will use a single principle. Is the principle that is the magnet itself, but it is specially prepared Is a superior magnet If it is a general magnetic dice If the player suspects Would like to prove Go to see the iron. Will know immediately that it has a magnet Take the cup to touch the iron Will immediately know that this kind of magnet, which is known when The dealer died. But this single is superior Is unable to match But must use the whole set only Will have good iron Various angles That has already been calculated But when bringing the magnet to suck the watch Would not know that there is an iron melting inside And if smashing the plate, looking inside for another, will not know Because it will be used as a powder for coloring Similar to the plate that is cast together into a dish, shake up Of course, the dice, of course, have a mother. Both watched and pushed together with the crescent plate. Shaking people must shake as Facing the dice correctly But it can be very difficult to detect that there is a magnet inside What kind of thing?

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